The Neos Project

Neos Foundation CIC Brand All about the Neos brand. Neos Conference Organization Accepted Projects This is the place to find projects that were accepted into a team and worked on. They are either open topics if the project is still being worked on or closed topics if the project was finished. Project Documentation This is our official project documentation containing guidelines, explanations and policies governing the whole Neos project. Website Coordinate and discuss content, structure, and new features for the website(s) of the Neos Project. Project React UI rewrite Discussions related to Neos UI rewrite Project Proposals All project proposals for teams are created in this category. Marketing & Social Media Neos Project Decisions All project decisions that affects a larger part of the project should be made here to make it visible and give everyone a chance to participate. Finances & Fundraising Neos Teams This is the home of the Neos Team. Feel free to join and read what we are racking our brains about. But please don't ask support questions – because they will remain unanswered. Tools & Operations Discussion and coordination about the tools we use and the servers we run. This also includes discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.
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