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RFC: An adjusted release schedule [accepted] (5)
Speeding up the React UI development with your help: funding initiative (3)
Project Proposal: Implementing label overrides and fallbacks in Flow (8)
Integrating domain specific langages (DSLs) into fusion (19)
RFC: Technology Preview (5)
Project Proposal: Automate upmerges in Git (9)
Make autogenerated FusionCode for NodeTypes extensible ( 2 ) (22)
Project Proposal: ACL-Inspector (11)
Project Proposal: More flexible Node routing (16)
RFC Draft: A decoupled architecture for Neos (2)
Project Proposal: Configurable entry points (2)
Project proposal: Introduce parameterized roles (7)
Project Proposal: Automate patch level releases (6)
Project proposal: Finalize and improve fine grained access controls (1)
Project proposal: Improve UI/UX for content security (3)
Project proposal: Asset Privileges (7)