_Resources of own Site access forbidden on css files

Hey why can’t I access the files generated by grunt?
The _Resources got the proper link to my files in my own Site but the Access is forbidden!?
Bootstrap loads fine but the other files won’t be loaded (Inspector: 403 Forbidden.)

I can’t find anything special in the Neos.Demo Package which gives me an idea how to solve it…

Did you run flow resource:publish that should create a symlink in the Web/_Resources/static folder that points to the Resources/Public directory of your Package.

There are other possible reasons aswell. If you still have problem add some more informations about your setup.

Hi Martin, thanks for the reply!

Yes I ran ./flow resource:publish and I got my symlink in the _Resources/static folder.
I also checked the file-rights they all seem to be fine too.

The setup is just a minimal example creating a new empty Site and then I am orienting the grunt-setup
on the Neos.Demo Site. Nothing special… It feels like I am still missing some basic setup though.
I don’t really know what to do next? What are the other possible reasons? Thx!

Well I figured it out, my Package name in Fluid resource was wrong…