Access node properties in a Plugin's Action Controller

Is there a (clean) way in Neos CMS 5.0 to access document and content node properties in a Plugin’s Action Controller? Befor version 5.0 this worked:

/** @var \Neos\ContentRepository\Domain\Model\Node $documentNode */
$documentNode = $this->request->getInternalArgument('__documentNode');
$foo = $documentNode->getNodeData()->getProperty('foo');
/** @var \Neos\ContentRepository\Domain\Model\Node $node */
$node = $this->request->getInternalArgument('__node');
$bar = $node->getNodeData()->getProperty('bar');

If not: What is a clean way to use document node properties and content node properties within a Plugin?

PS: I did not find that information on

I found a solution on > Use Fusion to configure the Plugin:

I use this in my Fusion prototype:

foo = ${q(node).property('foo')}
bar = ${q(documentNode).property('bar')}

…and in the Action Controller:

$foo = $this->request->getInternalArgument('__foo');
$bar = $this->request->getInternalArgument('__bar');

actually you get the plugin node already as internal argument __node so this should work:

$node = $this->request->getInternalArgument('__node');
$foo = $node->getProperty('foo');