Adding image field to node type provides error in neos backend

I am adding an image field in the node types, and receive this error:

Inspector property "image" could not be loaded because of a missing editor definition.

I am adding an image field like this:

imageField: &imageField
  type: TYPO3\Media\Domain\Model\ImageVariant
    label: 'Image'
    reloadIfChanged: TRUE
      group: 'image'

And make use of it like this:

  image: *imageField

This perfectly works for all sorts of inspector and inline fields, this is my first image field. I have been using that code on an older 1.x instance, where it also works perfectly well, this is an update to date neos version.

Also I didn’t spot any changes in the documentation.

Thanks, JH

Should be (Neos 2.0 introduce ImageInterface):

  type: TYPO3\Media\Domain\Model\ImageInterface
    label: i18n
    reloadIfChanged: TRUE
      group: 'image'
      position: 50
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Thanks Dominque!

Is there a simple way on offering updates to the docs?

Here, it’s also still showing the old way.

If it would be markdown on a Github Repo, I could easily offer updates if I come across that kind of thing. How is the process here?


Review or comment welcome:

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