Aimeos E-Commerce Package 2016.01 For Flow

Hi there

We’ve released our new major version of the Aimeos e-commerce package for Flow/Neos today :slight_smile:
It’s now fully compliant to the major PHP standards, namely PSR-1, PSR-4 and PSR-7. It supports Flow 2.3 and 3.x, MySQL 5.7 as well as the astonishing fast PHP 7 out of the box.

One of the cool new features of the Aimeos package is a JSON API modeled after It enables external applications to manage content in Aimeos instances or frontend editing in the near future.

Scaling Aimeos online shops without limits was always one of the major goals of the project. Content like product images can now be stored transparently in the cloud. It can even replicate files between several clouds or between local and remote file systems.

The new version and additional information about the Aimeos Flow package are available at:


Thank you for realeasing Aimos.

  1. The frontend layout could use some improvements ( no offence ) but is there any plans on improving the layout and using something like Twitter bootstrap for its foundation?
  2. Does it support multisite and multiple stores?
  3. Any sites that run this in production?
  4. Does it support the Neos Developer preview or is it not possible to run it on the developer preview or later this month the new Neos version? Any plans on modifying it for the latest Neos version?
  5. The admin UI seems alternative and not fitting in with the Neos UI or am I wrong?

1.) Yes, there are plans to move the component HTML entirely to Bootstrap. Up to now, only the the page layout itself in the demo setup is based on Bootstrap
2.) Yes, it does. You can have an unlimited number of stores per installation and there’s also an extension available for trees of stores with inheritance (unlimited depth)
3.) Have a look at our showcases (
4.) Currently, Aimeos only works as Flow package. The Neos integration is still incomplete due to the fact that we got no response to our questions in this forum in the past. We are still looking for a Neos expert who is willing to help us finishing the integration
5.) The admin UIs are separate composer packages that can be replaced. Currently, there are two different admin interfaces, the simple one based on JQuery/Bootstrap and the expert mode based on ExtJS. It’s possible to create an admin interface especially for Neos too