Aloha default Tag

Hey there,

is it possible to set a default tag in the aloha editor?
In my case I have a headline element and want to be able to switch between h2 and h3 tag. When i create the element, text is unwrapped. The only way i found is to make a default value, but that isn’t in my interest.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I like to know that, too. Same situation here.

We solved this by disabling tags completely in the headline InPlace Editing.
Which kind of tag and or styling configuration is now placed in the Inspector.

prototype(Vendor.Site:Headline) < prototype(ContentComponent) {
    // ...
    renderer = Fusion:Tag {
        tagName = ${props.tagName}
        content = Editable {
            property = 'title'
            block = false
        // ...

(block = false creates a span instead of a div)

@newgen, thank you good idea. I would prefer to have it in the rte-toolbar but this is a good alternative untill we find a way to configure the rte (ckeditor) like that.

New ideas still welcome.

I do it the same way as @newgen. The good point is, that you can also define the tagName dynamically. For example: If the node is the first headline, create a h1 else a h2