Aloha default Tag

(Matthias Lang) #1

Hey there,

is it possible to set a default tag in the aloha editor?
In my case I have a headline element and want to be able to switch between h2 and h3 tag. When i create the element, text is unwrapped. The only way i found is to make a default value, but that isn’t in my interest.

Thank you for your suggestions.

(Peter Rauber) #2

I like to know that, too. Same situation here.

(Stefan Bruggmann) #3

We solved this by disabling tags completely in the headline InPlace Editing.
Which kind of tag and or styling configuration is now placed in the Inspector.

prototype(Vendor.Site:Headline) < prototype(ContentComponent) {
    // ...
    renderer = Fusion:Tag {
        tagName = ${props.tagName}
        content = Editable {
            property = 'title'
            block = false
        // ...

(block = false creates a span instead of a div)

(Peter Rauber) #4

@newgen, thank you good idea. I would prefer to have it in the rte-toolbar but this is a good alternative untill we find a way to configure the rte (ckeditor) like that.

New ideas still welcome.

(Jon Uhlmann) #5

I do it the same way as @newgen. The good point is, that you can also define the tagName dynamically. For example: If the node is the first headline, create a h1 else a h2