Backend module with Datatables/jqGrid?


i would like to ask if there is any “official” way or preferred method
to create new backend “views” or components apart from the " node tree"
and the “inspector”.

I would like to try to make a plugin which handles tens of thousands of
record (think of ecommerce products) of complex data, and the only
resonable way for that is to use a filterable/sortable grid component
with an ajax data source (like datatables or jqGrid) and then a multi
tab interface for editing the records themselves.

Is there anything like that available or planned for neos? Or if i go
with neos i should implement all of it as a frontend plugin?

I really like to concept of the Neos backend, but this is just
unpractical for the above scenario, and implementing such administrative
function as a fronend plugin seems counter intuitive.

Anybody has experience in that field or can point me to the right
direction please?

I would imagine a view where i have the “node tree” on the left, with a
node “Products” and when i click on it all the rest of the screen
(middle, right) is occupied with a grid component, and when i choose a
record to edit then it is replaced by a multitab form (just like egy the
Typo3 tt_news plugin when i edit a news record).

regards, Gabor

You probably want to create a custom backend-module. That is not yet documented and the api still might change. Nevertheless a doc section for that is under review ( … maybe that helps.

Thank you it seems promising, i will keep an eye on this.