Backend password wrong after update

Hey guys,

I have updated my Neos Installation to
If I want to log into the backend I get the error “Username and password wrong”.

I have already tried to create a new user with the setup, but it doesn’t work :frowning: Flushed caches.

Do you have a Backup and are able to check if the EncryptionKey under Data/Persistent (not 100% sure about the path) has changed?

Backup? What is it? :slight_smile: No, joke.
I have checked the keys are the same.

Have you checked both /Data/Persistent/Encryptionkey and Data/Persistent/Cache/Data/Flow_Security_Cryptography_HashService/encryptionKey?
Don’t have any other idea what could be wrong.

This file does not exist

Had Same Problem, - even on every login by Setup, - the Setup password was refreshed immediately and blocked my login constantly.

Finally, the problem was resolved after updating the Neos.Setup package with “@dev” … (instead of “… dev”)
For me the problem seems to be maybe in relation to the Setup Package … ?

In my case the setup (setup login) works fine.