Backup / "Snapshot" Solution for Neos?

After trying Neos and installing some 3rd party modules I came across issues with breaking the installation.
Even after removing the offending module/plugin from the composer file it would still leave traces in the database and files on the neos file structure.

Are there any plans or is there a solid solution to take “snapshots” with Neos so one could easily restore to a previous state in case of emergency?

In my opinion such a feature would be essential in the Neos Core or as a Neos Team member maintained module, I found some backup modules for Neos but they are months ago updated the last.

For Now I assume making a db backup and a filetree backup of Neos before installing any 3rd party modules would be the way to go. But wouden’t it be nice if this would be integrated in the system somehow?

Hey Jordan,

It’s not something I’ve ever needed nor heard others request, so wouldn’t consider it an essential feature for the core.

There are existing 3rd party packages that can help you though

Btw. it’s fairly easy to do with Git and making copies of the Data/Persistent folder and your database table.

Hello Jordan,

on a dev-system you could use this package here it can create local snapshots of db and data-persistent, additionally it can clone data from a remote host via ssh.

WARNING: Do not use this on production this code drops your db before importing a snapshot so use this with care.

Regards, Martin