Best Practice to debug Neos?

Is there a better way to debug Neos as with <f:debug>{whatImLookingFor}</f:debug> in Fluid template. It is nice to have this solution, but compared to common IDE-Debug-Output, it looks a bit crude and confusing.

Regrettably I have problem to use the debug-possibilities from IDE’s like phpStorm in Neos’ environment. To set break-points and debugging in called php-Classes is less effective or is bypassed/ignored, also to find the referencing class is is a bigger challenge then in other common CMS.
I guess, the cache-mechanism is a bit more tricky and turned my effort upside down.

  • Are there somewhere Docu’s or a tutorial how to use IDE’s and Debugging in Neos CMS?
  • What is your workflow to debug?
  • Or are there maybe more visually appealing solutions in <f:debug> viewHelper on its own
  • or helpful packages for common debug of variables and content-value?

Would be great, if you would share your working debugging-solution!

I’m also very keen on a good debugging solution. Especially configuration failures are hard to detect.

Make shure to set the breakpoints in the copy in Data/Temporary/Code. Flow creates copies the original php-classes here and adds the aop and dependency injection magic.

If you go for xdebug you could also use xdebug_break() in your original files and then it will stop inside the proxie classes


Hi is there something new in this area? Feels a bit mad with the temporary class debugging :confused:

Do you know the flow-debugproxy

I personally get along well with xdebug_break() statements. That is not that different than marking a line in the ide and works over proxy classes without problems.