Bootstrap Columns

Hey, I am new to NEOS and I have an okay background with bootstrap. I am currently trying to implement a 4 column system similar to the one that you see in the pic below, but to no success. Any help?

Hey Mashad,
I use foundation f6-grid, so no deep experience with neosBootstrapSolution, but maybe you will find help in:

There I see a four-column-grid with 25%-25%-25%-25%. And this you could also expand with ease, I guess. But your layout in the example-pic is a fourTimes-25%-Grid. So it should work by default.

With dimaip’s (f5) I did my own f6-grid-nodeType.
Sfi.Grid is a simple and easy to understand nodeTypes-Solution for grid-system in general. Maybe you will create your own 4-column solution for bootstrap with this. But it is certainly easier to use JohannesSteu’s GridSystem.

The demo site is also based on bootstrap, so you can follow that as well.

Thanks for your help Martin, but when I try to include the package I keep getting this error

Hey Maschad,
on my new put-on, the Plugins throws no errors.

I only:

  1. installed the clean and crisp.
  2. did a composer update
  3. then like Johannes README recommended an composer require johannessteu/bootstrap-gridsystem
    4. No error’s and new section in «Create new» -> Bootstrap Grids with more flexible Row and Two Columns/ Three Columns/ Four Columns and Container nodeType.

Maybe you did not the important step 3 in your terminal, I guess. It could be, only copy the «include:-line» in your Root.ts2 like in the README, is not enough:

I’m not a Neos-Insider, but for me your Exception in Flow looks like you are asking for a Resource (the Plugin) that is not to find at the place that it is expected to. Maybe a wrong path, or like mentioned above «include:»-line in the root.ts2 is not enough or wrong written in Git’s ReadMe.

But as I wrote, I’m not the Neos/Flow-Crack: this are only speculations because in the, Johannes plugin rocks. So maybe you have to try with an new clean demo-package to play around and try the plugin, and also to check if the installation will work with a hole new system.
####Important: in the default-demo.install there is also the «Structure»-section, you see in the printScreen above, with the «four column» nodeType. Should also work for your needs. Maybe less flexible then Johannes Plugin, but also less error prone.

Hope this will help. Otherwise sorry, but I can’t help more professional, because in my system the Plugin works well and I lack the deeper knowledge.

Cheers Martin

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How did you install the package? If you copied the files try to run a ./flow package:rescan

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Wow running that command fixed it! Thanks so much Johannes, excellent job on the plugin as well. I am guessing I should get familiar with this command because I am unable to use composer require :frowning:

Thanks for your help!! I am unable to use composer require though due to memory allocation issues.

This might help you for your composer problem (as long as you can edit php.ini settings)

Thanks but I had tried that already but my terminal just hanged and then my server crashed, it might be a permissions issue, but I opted to just install packages manually instead.

Also, martin I had deleted the demo site some time ago when I was doing a tutorial, is there anyway you know I could recover it?

Kind Regards,
Chad N.

If you’re talking about the plain beos demo site you could import it with ./flow site:import --packageKey ...

Sounds as if it were no important data in. If so: Don’t harm you unnecessary.

My experience told me:

  • Deleting the struggling host/vHost without residue and reinstalling a new «default demo-site» [within 10 minutes] is much less pain, then try and error all the stuff until a broken or deleted Site will find the way back [within hours].

In your situation, if Johannes help don’t bring it back, it could be easier to:
- install a new Demo-Package on a new vHost, so you drag no problems from past.

But for both: of course is only the truth in local developing-situation and if the developing-system is clean and not confused.

On remote/live-server everything is slightly less funny.