Cache responding to Hide after functionality

I am having trouble with my caching settings for a NodeType that should list all nodes of a certain type (in my case articles being displayed in an article overview). I managed to clear the cache when I manually change one of the nodes. However when I use the Hide before or Hide after for one of the nodes, my overview does not refresh.

My settings in the ArticleOverview.fusion are so far:

@cache {
        mode = 'cached'

        maximumLifetime = '86400'
        entryIdentifier {
            node = ${node}
        entryTags {
            1 = ${Neos.Caching.nodeTag(node)}
            2 = ${Neos.Caching.nodeTypeTag('Project.Theme:Article', node)}

Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Hey Jakob,

yes you need to calculate the maximum lifetimes (the time till something gets hidden / visible) for all articles, like so:

maximumLifetime = Neos.Fusion:Value {
            value = ${q(site).nodeType('Project.Theme:Article').cacheLifetime()}
            value.@process {
                setToMaxIfZero = ${value == 0 ? 604800 : value}

setToMaxIfZero = ${value == 0 ? 604800 : value} is needed till is fixed

Thank you for help, I will try this out!
I also noticed that the changes will get visible after my current maximumLifetime, so after a day everything is up to speed, which would be OK for the moment.

I am really happy with the support we are getting in this forum, thank you guys!

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