Clarify currently maintained branches

Hi all,

NOTE: this is addressed to team members, that said, obviously feel free to read and comment fi you are not :slight_smile:

I think we are not all on the same page regarding version management and maintained versions and I think it’s super important that we get this straight and also officially announce EOL and EOM (end of maintenance, get only security fixes) releases (also those that are technically already since some time but weren’t announced as such.

We merged the namespace changes for Flow into 3.0 but for Neos into 2.2. IMHO both are semi OK, depending on how you look at it. In general we made these changes to ease our maintenance, so it really becomes important only after the next release and from that point of view Neos 2.2 is a good choice, but let’s look at the roadmap and our current state:

Tells me:

Lowest maintained branch (again not security) is Flow 3.1 and Neos 2.1.
We should stick to that when preparing and merging changes and also take care of upmerges according to this.

Thanks for reading, if you have any other opinions about this please comment.