Community Group Hangout in June 24, 2015

Participants: Aske Ertmann, Ben van 't Ende, Christian Müller, Marcin Sągol, Hrishikesh Lele

Neos bulletin
Ben will write it provided sponsoring is acquired for the task. Name suggested by Hrishi ‘Neos Bulletin’. First sponsoring of 1000 euro 's by Sitegeist.
Christian and Aske will provide content (deadline for first edition next week)

Avoiding the stigma of a German CMS
We talk about how to avoid Neos becoming a ‘German’ CMS. Find more opportunities abroad for events. Have next code sprint outside Germany (Maxserv gives space in Waalwijk, but are not sure on sponsoring. They are in the middle of moving to a bigger location)

Extension/packages listing on
Missing visible extensions
Hrishikesh offer to help
Extension Listing on Will be on the new version of the website. Effort being led by Aske and Berit

Code sprints
Code sprint planned at DE-CIX in week 39.

Shared events with TYPO3

  • Often people want Neos content on TYPO3 events
  • A phase
  • No Neos event (bar camps)
  • Christian suggests to get into other events outside TYPO3
  • Does it make sense to submit talks to T3CON15EU?

Christian will look for events that could make sense to go to
Robert and Christian will discuss PHP Conference in Münich

Onboarding of new users
Documentation is an important part (integrators, users, contributors). Jacob has requested budget. We are waiting if that will be ok-ed in the members poll. Ben connects Jacob with someone from Write The Docs to prevent re-inventing the wheel.

Budget Jacob for ‘Documentation & Documentation Tools for Neos/Flow’

Integrating more external packages and providing existing Flow packages as standalone (componentization). Fluid is one such example where work is being done to create a separate package.

Because Write The Docs was mentioned:

What do you mean? Because of what?

As suggested this morning on Slack, we move our small office to a new coworking space.

Now we are able to sponsors the location for a full week for around 12-15 peoples, with one big conference room, small chill area and cooking place. So you can count on one switzerland based code sprint per year I think.

There’s a pretty cheap and nice hotel at 5 minutes from the office (, so it should be doable to found a sponsor for the rooms.

I have a good contact with Smile Group in Paris, maybe I can ping them to see if they can host a code sprint in France. Let’s try …

Because you mentioned Write The Docs I remembered that conference and just wanted to point it out. :smile:

Ahhh great. Lets keep writing the docs on an equally important level than writing the code and put effort on pulling the writers in.

gRTz ben