Configure URI for two Projects

(Abhishek Chaturvedi) #1


I have created two Project sites as P1 and P2.

I want to call the projects like:- and

How can I configure this in Neos CMS.

Abhishek Chaturvedi

(adil ansari) #3

Please anyone help me in figuring out above query.

(Christian Müller) #4

Having multiple Neos sites as sub paths under one domain is not currently supported out of the box. You would need to change the Neos routing to find a site in a sub path, it’s probably possible without changing core code.

(adil ansari) #5

Thanks for the update.
Did you mean, it’s possible the below things?

If yes, Would you please provide the steps to do.

(Christian Müller) #6

It requires writing code, you can surely hire me to do that, but I don’t have time to do that for free and as I never had the requirement I don’t have example code for doing that.

(adil ansari) #7

Thanks for the Reply,
Sure, I will ask my organization to contact you for the same.

But I want to make sure the below things which need to taken care.
So there will be two sites (package)

There might be many users in our application and few users might access the p1 site, few for the p2 site and few for both the site.

This is the above requirements, need to be done from our side


(adil ansari) #8

Would You Please help me out in the above query.?


(Roland Schütz) #9

I think Christian gave you a very clear respone.

Out of the box Neos only supports different site on different domains.

If you need different path on the same domain for different sites, you need to write code yourself or hire someone to do that :wink: