Content cache invalidation for referenced nodes

Yesterday I notices an interesting behavior. Let’s say you have a teaser node on the home page pointing to an article. The teaser has a reference property linking the article and is retrieving the headline and the link information. If I edit the article, my cache config is working correctly and I do see the updates in the teaser. However, if I edit (uriPathSegment) the parent node of the the article, the teaser on the homepage is not aware of that change because the article never changed.

Gerhard Boden also mention yesterday that there is a similar or related problem to the topic for links within rich text fields. Once you change the targets uriPathSegment, the link in the rich text editor will get invalid.

I think, case one is maybe possible to avoid with a fancy cache configuration. If so, I would be more then happy about suggestions.

Case two, seems to be a more complex issues the might need some discussion.

Do some of you have notices similar behavior or even know how to get it working?