Content Dimensions in a multi site setup

Hi there,

I have a question regarding content dimensions in a multi site setup.
From what I experienced during my current setup I cannot declare contentDimensions in the Settings.yaml of the sites but have to create an additional neos-package that provides the settings for all sites.
Is this correct?

Hey Moritz,

No fortunately that’s not correct. However if you’ve experienced problems, it’s likely related to package loading order overriding your configuration.

Hi Aske,

sounds solvable so far. So I can have a Settings.yaml in every site that contains a different set of presets for a dimensions and that should work? Because if not the loader order problem will bite me if one site package overrides the Settings made by a different site, right?

No you cannot have different content dimension configuration between the sites within the same installation. Settings configuration is global and shared and merged between all packages.

If you need different configuration, you’ll need separate installations.