@context Variables in TypoScript

Hello Together
I’ve got following TypoScript:

prototype(Jonnitto.Bugfix:Bugfix) {
	@context.baseConfiguration = ${Configuration.setting('Jonnitto.Bugfix')}
	@context.settingsContext = ${baseConfiguration.testValue}
	@context.container = ${q(node).parent().parent().is(baseConfiguration.Container.Filter) ? baseConfiguration.Container.General : false}

	output = TYPO3.TypoScript:RawArray {
		settings = TYPO3.TypoScript:RawArray {
			Directly = ${baseConfiguration.testValue}
			Context = ${settingsContext}
		someTypoScript = TYPO3.TypoScript:RawArray {
			Directly = ${q(node).parent().parent().is(baseConfiguration.Container.Filter) ? baseConfiguration.Container.General : false}
			Context = ${container}

The output of output is following:

 'settings' (8) => array(2)
   'Directly' (8) => 'Value from Settings.yaml' (24)
   'Context' (7) => NULL
 'someTypoScript' (14) => array(2)
   'Directly' (8) => 'container' (9)
   'Context' (7) => NULL

I created a small Test Package: http://jonnitto.ch/Jonnitto.Bugfix.zip
Can someone explain me why I didn’t get the values if I try to read them via @context?

Inside of @context you cannot reference context variables declared on the same level. baseConfiguration is not available inside the expression of settingsContext nor container.

Even if that would be nice to have it will not happen for the sheer amount of dangerous side effects this can have as then the @context declarations would be dependend on each other and the order becomes important. :wink: