Correct implementation of a user model containing one (or more) "\TYPO3\Flow\Security\Account" properties

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to implement an TYPO3 Flow Application (must use 3.0.*) which has an area where users can log in (via Facebook opauth). The login itself is working ( i used Hfrahmann.Opauth ).
But this way, i have only an account (\TYPO3\Flow\Security\Account) for each User. Now i’m looking forward for an possibility to have a user model (with the users address and some other user specific data) which contains the raltion(s) to the accounts of the user. During my search i came up with two possibilities:

  1. Use TYPO/Party Package or
  2. i found a Person class in “TYPO3\Flow\Package\MetaData

Now my questions:

  • Can i use “TYPO3\Flow\Package\MetaData\Person” for my project, or is TYPO3/Party the better choice?
  • Does anyone know / can show me a working example of authentication in plain Flow (not with Neos stuff wrapped around), where a user model - not only an account - is used? Or better some kind of tutorial?
  • Did someone implement something similar and could give me some advice or tips, what to check and look for?

Hope you can help,