Create new roles

I tried to create a new role after reading First, the site says I have to edit the Policy.yaml. There are ~20 Policy.yaml in an installed NEOS. I found out that I have to edit the one in my site package but after I copied various examples of roles etc, the role never appeared in NEOS Backend. Some clues?

In general that works that way.

Every Package can bring a Policy.yaml. To configure your Neos you can use a Policy.yaml in your Site Package or in the main Configuration-folder of the Neos-Setup. You would use the latter one to configure roles for a specific hosts differently.

  1. To check your Configuration first use ./flow flow:cache:flush --force` to make sure your new configuration is evaluated.

  2. Afterwards use the admin/configuration module and check your Policy-Configuration is read as you intended. Also look for Configuration errors that would show up there aswell.

  3. In your Configuration i would suggest to the TYPO3.Neos:RestrictedEditor as the parentRole

I am not entirely shure that there is not another setting. I did this a while ago. If you still have problems afterwards i can take a deeper look.

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