Custom Node Types not available in production context

Hi everyone,

I am about to complete my first NEOS project, going life within the next weeks.
I would like to go into production mode as soon as possible, but I have encountered an issue with this.
When switching into production context the custom Node Types I created for this Site can not be accessed (invalid node type). Maybe this is some kind of basic configuration I missed out at the beginning.
How can I configure NEOS to show my custom Node Types in Production context?

Thank you very much

I see two possible reasons we should rule out first:

  1. Nodetypes are defined in Configuration/Development … unlikely but I have to ask
  2. Caching … Production does not automatically flush caches if a configuration file changes. Maybe you have old cached configuration and just have to ./flow flow:cache:flush

Hi @martoro, thank you for your reply.
The Nodetypes are defined in\configuration\Nodetypes.yaml
At the moment I am working with a basic Mittwald package without command line access. Is there a way to flush the cache manually?

Thank you

@DanielOliver just empty the Data/Temporary/Production folder

Thank you @martoro, that did the trick.

Best regards