Direct communication/manipulation with/of with a database using the Flow Framework


I’m not sure that flow is the right PHP framework for me, so I’m trying to get the answer here, because the Flow Document says that I’m as a programmer don’t have to worry about using a database because I don’t have to deal with it directly.

My website will get input form a user “X” as a function, the function will be analyzed for input and output variables and everything will have to be saved on a Server-PC in specific database tables with attributes (pre-defined from me) for later use.

A user “Y” will click a button and by doing so invokes 2 functionalities:

  1. All his credentials like IP address and etc. will be passed to the Server-PC to the database tables with attributes (pre-defined from me) for later use.

  2. Invokes a function that looks in my database on the Server-PC for a specific content in specific tables to be sent to him as a link.

As you see I must have a constant communication with my database (MariaDB) on my Server-PC (Fedora f23 Server) and control over the incoming and outgoing information. Is it possible with the Flow Framework? Because I didn’t see any reference to it in the documentation. If it’s possible, can someone direct me to where a direct communication/manipulation with/of a database using the Flow Framework is being described?

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Your case is definitely possible with Flow. But you would still not directly manipulate the database but create domain models that would then get persisted to the the database by Flow

The rest sounds like Controller Actions

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Thanks for the Info!