Display Title on Page


I want to Display the Title of the Page as a little Breadcrumb.

I tried the following code but its not working. What I am doing wrong?

prototype(WG.Site:Document.HomePage) < prototype(WG.Site:Document.AbstractPage) {
# On the Homepage you typically want to use the brand name as the start,
# so don't append it again
head.titleTag.outputSuffixOnTitleOverride = false

  head {
    titleTag = Neos.Fusion:Tag {
        tagName = 'title'
        content = ${q(node).property('title') + ' | Site'}

    body.content = Neos.Fusion:Component {

      main = Neos.Neos:ContentCollection {
          nodePath = 'main'
       breadCrumb = Neos.Fusion:Tag {
        tagName = 'div'
        content = ${q(node).property('title')}

    renderer = afx`
        <main class="main grid-container">


I maybe don’t understand the intention of that.
So if you just want to have the title of the current site or the whole breadcrumb?

Rendering the title of the node works, of course. For the whole breadcrumb we have a menu component for instance. I added that also to the fusion pen.

prototype(WG.Site:Component.Breadcrumb) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:Component) {
menuItems = Neos.Neos:BreadcrumbMenuItems

renderer = afx`
    <ul class="breadcrumb">
        <Neos.Fusion:Loop items={props.menuItems}>
            <li class={item.state}>
                <Neos.Neos:NodeLink node={item.node} >{item.label}</Neos.Neos:NodeLink>

thanks for your help! I just want to render the title of the page inside the content.