Divio visual builder with lots of content elements

I recently came across Divi Builder for wordpress which is a frontend editor with lots of content elements

I really love Neos and the solid foundation + multisite integration but currently its visual editing is a bit lacking if we compare it to Divi Builder.

Are there any plans or projects that support bootstrap and a wide range of content elements?
I assume its not that much work to build content elements and if this would be a community effort it could be done in little time.

Since I plan to move all my sites to Neos Im very interested in having the functionality of Divi builder.
How does the community think about this?

Of course it would need to be framework dependant based on for example bootstrap which is probably not the preffered frontend CSS Framework for everyone. Personally I already use bootstrap and like it very much except the customization of the navbar which is much hassle if you want something that is not in the regular bootstrap provided layouts

Hello Jordan

Glad you like Neos. The editing interface is a bit incomplete/dated, but fortunately there’s a new one build from scratch on the way.

Regarding supporting bootstrap, that’s not something Neos itself will provide as it aims to be frontend agnostic. However it’s perfectly possible as a 3rd party package to provide it. There are already several of them, see https://www.neos.io/download-and-extend/packages.html?search=bootstrap. If none of them does it well enough, you can always fork them and maybe start a project to collaborate on one package or help improve an existing one.

There’s exists an tool that might interest you called https://prototypebrewery.io/ – using a package that does it, however using Foundation instead of Bootstrap https://github.com/million12/M12.Foundation

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