[Doc] How to remove a variant or dimension from a node?

Suppose a user first clicked on the wrong language when he wanted to translate a page to a language he knows. Now, all site visitors in that “wrong language” get an empty page.

As the user does not know the “wrong language” he needs to remove that variant again.

Edit: Sorry, in this topic I had first mixed up dimensions and the variants within them. Entire dimensions or just some presets may be removed from the configuration files. In this case, will flow node:repair remove existing variants and dimensions from nodes?

You want to delete a specific variant node or remove whole dimensions or dimension values?

My original problem is to remove one specific variant of a dimension from one node.

As I could find no UI for that, I thought about removing the corresponding preset, or the entire dimension from the configuration. Does this automatically trigger corresponding node migrations?

Just delete that specific node, and any fallbacks will be used. If you don’t have the node in the needed dimension, copy it first (switch to the needed dimensions and edit the node to “materialize” it).


So “deleting a node” actually does not delete the node, but just deletes the current variant.

Yes and no, depend if you have an other variant of the curent node, like @kdambekalns say before.

Maybe we can improve this, by adding some UI in the inspector to “show” the current node variant “stack”, like this editor can seed from where the content shine throw