Does someone have a more complex form example?

Hey guys,

i do need to create a two-step form in which i need a condition based on some selected value on page one of the form.

I installed the formbuilder and created that form, but you can not define conditions in the formbuilder. I would like to use that form as a preset and add some form of condition in my FormFactory. If that is possible i would like to use the Form Nodetype in Neos to select that form and put in on the page.

Does someone have a more complex example how the Form-API, Formbuilder and the Form-select Nodetype works together?

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Conditional Form elements are not (yet) possible.

You can of course write a custom form factory and implement some conditions yourself but there is no real API support for this.

Also: Feel free to get in touch if you want to have this feature implemented in the form framework. We have some plans for it but never had the personal itch and/or resources to do that so far

you could also use my form package as base. the form will be built with fluid and you can add conditions as well. also 2 step forms are possible … you just have to add hidden fields in step 2 for the allready given fields.

< table>
< f:for each="{form.request.arguments}" key=“name” as=“value”>
< tr>
< td valign=“top”>{f:translate(id: ‘contact.{name}’, package: ‘Paints.FormPackage’)}:</ td>
< td>{value}<f:form.hidden name="{name}" value="{value}"/></ td>
</ tr>
</ f:for>
</ table>

you can see the formpackage here (but no 2 step form):

i did 2 step forms allready for another project …