Errors when moving nodes while saving/publishing

(Peter Rauber) #1


I am not sure if this should be addressed to the UI only or in the ContentRepository:

When you moved docment-nodes and during saving or publishing you again move nodes (especially some of the nodes that are still being processd) you end up in error-messages.
I am not sure if you could even break the content repository, but I think we should prevent the user from doing this.

I would open an issue for this, just want to know beforehand if you guys think this is only UI related?

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(Peter Rauber) #2

Will be in vacation (really offline to relax) for 3 weeks. Will come back here then.

(Dmitri Pisarev) #3

Actually I don’t know conceptually, are we supposed to forbid any user actions while publishing/moving?
Would be a pity. I would much rather have it fixed on the backend/API side.

(Peter Rauber) #4

I was hoping for more people discussing about this.

I think this should be addressed. If frontend or backend does not matter to me so much as long as the user is protected from breaking someting and also from error-messages.