Export /Import the site Page

How to export the site page(Currently we Neos.Demo site) and imported in a different site.
The idea is don’t need to create the same page in other site

In the screenshot need to export a few pages.


you can find that in the documentation here: https://neos.readthedocs.io/en/stable/References/CommandReference.html?highlight=import#neos-neos-site-export

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

We checked this,below command is working fine.
"./flow site:export –package-key “Neos.Demo” --filename mysite.xml"
"./flow site:import –package-key “Neos.Demo” --filename mysite.xml"

But we need something export from different server(Neos Setup in different machine) to import in different server.

What are the available resource we need to import.

-Do we need to copy Data/Persistent folder
-Do we need to import the database where need to imported

We checked but still we are getting issue.

Hi Adil,

did you fix the problem? Getting the same error.

Found the problem. Just forgot to copy the Resources-folder.