Fluid variable does not exist

I have included a link on my site and would like to use it to call up another page. The other side is also called and works quite well so far.


If I have a variable with:
$this->view->assign(‘test’, “Mark”);
wants to transfer, this variable has no value in the called page.

My action:

public function newAction()
     $this->view->assign('test', "Mark");

In the HTML template:

<div class="panel-body">

Test returns no value. What do I have to do so that I can also read my variable in the called page?

Many Thanks

LG Mark

Everything ok, I found the solution!!! I actually had a CSS class that was visible=hidden

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yes - always check the dom or better the html source :wink:

Yes, you say something! But that sometimes gets lost when I’m engrossed in the new flow code

FYI: The category “Creating Neos & Flow” is meant for core development. I moved your topic to “Using Neos & Flow”. This also allows you to mark the issue resolved (I did this for you in this case)