Form Builder: Finisher optimizations - opinion needed

Hi everyone

We’re making extensive use of the Neos Form Builder to let our customers create and edit Node-based forms. Thanks to the work of quasi-maintainer @bwaidelich, the editing experience is pretty good at the current state.

However, the finisher part needs a bit of love. Currently, the ConfirmationFinisher and the MailFinisher let you edit the HTML code in a source code editor. Since this is not a good option for non-coders, we commissioned a CKEditor as a secondary editor by @dimaip. This is ready for review:


This will enable editors to style their mails. What is still missing is the possibility to insert variables so the content can be personalized, e.g. for the salutation (“Dear {firstName}”) or just to display the values transmitted in the form.

We asked @dimaip to create a plugin for the CKEditor that will enable you to select and insert all the elements of your form:


It will then be inserted as a Fluid variable and will be populated with the transmitted value when the view is rendered.

Now the question is: Is this a general requirement of the people using the Form Builder? If so, we would create a PR for the Form Builder package with the select box and the improved finishers.

If not, we would just offer it as a standalone package.

The vote below is not a formal vote, but just to find out how you feel about the two possibilities.

  • PR for the Form Builder package
  • Standalone package

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Thanks for your vote and thoughts.


Here’s the PR btw