Foundation 6 Interchange

Hi there,

i can not see Interchange Images from Foundation 6 Framework in Backend correctly while using Firefox. There is a Javascript Error and nothing happens to the interchange image. In frontend and Chrome everything is fine.

TypeError: i is undefined -> foundation.min.js

It is also hard to edit interchange Images with “inPlace” mode. you can not select the images on the left navigation side. you can maximal upload one image. other images are not editable.

so i fixed it with adding another “Interchange Edit” editPreviewMode but it would be nice can add images from “InPlace” mode, even if you dont see them directly …

Its because of neos is wrapping each element i guess. maybe its fixed with react.js backend ?


Maybe it would be nice there is an option to disable all these Ember functions for one specified element by yaml config?

inlineEditable: FALSE

does not really help, because there are still wrapers

Try to use the non minified version of foundation to have a better idea on why it fail only for FF, maybe a bug in foundation.

Ok, now it says:

TypeError: query is undefined, at: foundation.core.js

$‘zfPlugin’, new plugin($(this), opts));

it appears only if i use the interchange element, every time i initialize (even by console …)