Frontend cache problem

(Szymon Bergner) #1


I have standard Neos.Demo instalation, and I have problem with cache.
For example if I add page, or modify title of existing one and publish changes everything is working fine, the problem is when I delete page. When I publish changes in BE I have correct set of pages in menu, but in FE there is still deleted page.
The same problem is with content, content collection elements - after delete element and publish there is no change in FE - element is still shown.

After adding in Root.fusion

root {
@cache {
mode = ‘uncached’
context {
1 = ‘node’
2 = ‘documentNode’

Everything is ok, but cache for all page elements is turned off?

(Matthias Lang) #2

Hey @sim_co,

maybe this will also solve your problem?