Funding request for the Media UI Rewrite 1.0

Hi all,

as I already mentioned during my NeosCon 2020 presentation, I’m looking for funding to get a stable new Media UI done this year and make it part of the Neos core in 2021 hopefully.
Then we can slowly deprecate the old one and have many more possibilities to improve the UX for the whole media handling topic.

I’ve been working on this now since January 2020 and released a first preview at the NeosCon 2020.
The initial plan was started during the Neos Sprint in Vienna late 2019.

Currently funding badges can be bought via the Neos funding platform (see Media Rewrite One Time badges) or if a direct funding for my work is preferred you can also contact me.
If the crowdfunding is not sufficient it would be helpful to get a partial funding via the Neos piggy bank. Of course that depends on other projects this crazy year and what we have left.

Besides funding for my own time, additional help with development of the GraphQL API, Apollo, React, etc. stuff is very welcome and would be a great help.
If someone invests more time and we have enough funding they of course should benefit from it too.

Note: The projects v1.0 was targeted for end of 2020 but now is targeted for mid 2023 due to the limited funding and help. The prerelease is quite stable, runs well and is being used in big projects. There are a few parts missing to reach feature parity with the old media module which prevents the 1.0 release.


Released at NeosCon 2020.


  • Select asset sources, tags, collections
  • Filter asset list
  • List and thumbnail view
  • Search & selecting assets in module and inspector
  • Assets uploads
  • Changing asset details, tagging, assign collections
  • Current view is mostly persisted in local storage
  • Public GraphQL API

First stable version

Check the project board to view the current progress

Planned release together with Neos 9.0 release but compatible with Neos 7.3.
Actual release date depends on funding and dev support.

  • Improve stability
  • More automated testing
  • Improved tagging and collection assigning
  • Replace asset
  • Usage lists
  • Localisation
  • Improve UX
  • PDF viewer
  • Manage collections and tags
  • Things we realise on the way which make working with the module nicer

Estimate: 12.000€ (Initial estimate in 2020, ~50% of the time already went into the prerelease)

General funding

Current amount: 14900€


Feature specific funding

Current amount: 4100€

  • 400€ for bulk deletion from Internezzo AG
  • 1700€ for filtering unused assets (related to asset usage stretch goal) from Internezzo AG
  • 2000€ for Hierarchical organisation of Assets (e.g. folders etc.) from Visol

Additional goals

  • Permissions - 2.000€ - Allows more fine grained control over privileges in the module
  • Extensibility - 5.000€ - Allows adding and replacing components similar to the Neos UI
  • New Primary Asset and image editor for the Neos UI - 3.000€ - Improved cropping, sizing, restrictions, …

Stretch goals

  • Focus point editor
  • New variant tab & editor
  • Faster asset usage calculations and UI integration → affects Media package
  • New collection / tag / folder system → might affect Media package
  • Custom GraphQL adapter

Additional information

Feel free to ask anything :slight_smile:



I want to add that a lot more time went into the concept and implementation that would be covered by the initial 12.000€ request. But that amount would at least cover enough to make it possible to release something.

If more funding comes it would be great of course and cover more of the spent time. Also more polishing could be done. After an initial release of course maintenance is also necessary and will take quite some time.

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Hey @sebobo, I am happy to anounce sponsoring:


Addition sponsoring from internezzo to get a step closer to v1.0.0:

  • 3000 EUR

So awesome! Thank you and to your company very much!
That will help a lot to move forward again.

The filtering was planned for a later release but I‘m sure we can build a first version in there that might have to be enabled via some setting if it‘s not stable enough for every usecase yet.

Awesome news right before the weekend :slight_smile:

Received the confirmation for another 100h by a sponsor who wants to stay anonymous for now.
But they will also have a list of features they want. So I will update the overview when I had my meetings with them and know more.
But I’m happy there is finally some progress and I can invoice some of the hours I put into the project in the past which didn’t have funding at the time :partying_face: