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Hey guys,

I wanted to vote and comment on some issues on, but I see no way to create an account for that platform. Is this unwanted, or how does it work?

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Hey Klaus

You can use the same account you used to log in to this forum ( Problem is that there’s not an easy way to display such information in Jira unfortunately.

Your comments and votes are very welcome and appreciated btw. :slight_smile:

Thank you for that fast reply. I tried that, but my password was false ;-P.

Anyway, this is maybe something, what should be documented somewhere. Maybe in an article how to write an issue or something like that.

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The jira dashboard should show at least a link to

didn’t that work for you?

didn’t that work for you?

Yes, but if you come via google directly to an issue and want to login through the link on the top right, you don’t see that dialog. Also the login dialog says that you should contact an administrator if you want to get an account, but I didn’t find any contact on that page. So this text should be optimized if possible.

Ah right

That’s confusing… We might be able to adjust that but unfortunately it can’t be done via the jira administration directly: