Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-09-12

Participants: Sebastian H, Fabian, Stefan, David


All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Neos 5.0 Release post
    • Discussed naming scheme again from marketing perspective -> should be part of another bigger team discussion for future releases
    • All: Rearranged topics
    • Seb: Added redirecthandler pics
    • Add more benefits from Neos 5.0
    • David: Write teaser regarding future of Fusion usage
    • David: Write release name background story
    • Fabian: Update sponsorship text
    • Fabian: Change release picture
    • Fabian: Finish social media preparations
  • Stefan: Update on case studies


  • Fabian: Checkout dmexco pricing for 2020
  • David: Visit DCX Digital Content Expo 1 in October
  • Visit more marketing events in 2020
    • Needs earlier planning
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