Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2019-11-07

Participants: Fabian, Stefan, Sebastian H., Peter Rauber

Missing: David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, Sebastian H., David

  • Neos Demo
    • Internezzo finished their Demo installation
      • Mostly German content now
      • They can see registrations and general interactions
    • We will link registration form on
  • Service provider listing
    • First version has map with clusters and detail view
      • Data for providers can now be added
        • Stefan prepared list with Neos agencies (~100)
        • We will put all data into a Google Doc and then work together on adding it to
      • Detail page looks already quite good
      • Missing logo when adding providers will show error but can be ignored
    • Latitude/Longitude is not calculated yet automatically
      • Latitude Longitude Calculator:
      • Automatic calculation can be added soon as functions are already available
    • Listing on overview page has to work on mobile
    • Filters on overview page should influence map & list
    • New feature requests:
      • Multiple locations (offices) per provider
      • :heavy_check_mark: Show financial contributions
      • :heavy_check_mark: Optional banner for providers detail pages
      • :heavy_check_mark: Optimise map and contact layout on detail page

Early screens:

Overview map:

Agency example for Sandstorm:

Neos packages on Github:

Social Media

  • We should ask the community to provide their data for the service provider list
  • Publish link to Internezzo Demo installation


  • Stefan has someone who could talk about Magento at the NeosCon2020
  • Possible collaboration NeosCon and Meet Magento, Stefan will exchange contact data
  • Idea for a marketing guild panel during NeosCon 2020

Additional notes from David regarding service provider listing (Neossprint Vienna 2019)

  • Facts of active Neos installations -> ?!
  • :heavy_check_mark: Listview
  • :heavy_check_mark: Mapview
  • Details
    • :heavy_check_mark: Number of badges and link to funding page -> retrieve Data like on Funding page and match to Company name (separate field in provider node)
    • :heavy_check_mark: Github Link -> can be resolved from vendor reference
    • :heavy_check_mark: Packages from package repo
    • Awards -> would need to be implemented in NeosCon package and then referenced
    • :heavy_check_mark: Link to website
    • :heavy_check_mark: Show case references
    • :heavy_check_mark: Logo
    • :heavy_check_mark: Address
  • Filter (Facets?)
    • :heavy_check_mark: Country
    • :heavy_check_mark: Size (Freelancer, Agency of different sizes, …)
    • Have core developers
    • (:heavy_check_mark:) Service Types -> are now nodetypes
      • Design
      • Support
      • SLA
        • 24h
      • Hosting
      • Concepts
      • Consultation
      • Full Service (Consultation, Ui, SEO, Support …)
      • Integration - Website Development (custom websites with neos, refrerences on neos-io are mandatory)
      • Package Development (third party packages, neos-packages on packagist are mandatory)
      • Core Development (contribute to the core, core-devs are mandatory)
      • Training (Workshops, …)

Preliminary user stories

  • I’m interested as customer in Neos and look for a service provider
    • Matching provider for my project size / type
    • Do they provider trainings
    • Provider that is near to me / speaks my language
    • How many agencies are using Neos
  • I’m a customer and look for a new Neos service provider
    • Matching provider for my project size / type
    • Provider that is near to me / speaks my language
  • I’m a developer and want to work with Neos CMS and look for an agency
    • How big are they
    • How active are they on Github and in Neos

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