Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2020-01-16

Participants: Sebastian H, Peter Rauber, Stefan, Fabian

Missing: David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Would be helpful to have an analysis over all showcase entries to see which are not referenced by service providers yet
    • Also check which ones might be outdated yet and not use Neos anymore
  • Peter prepared 30 showcases for Neos sites
  • Neos true wysiwyg landingpage was updated
  • Project - Add German translation to
    • Check language configuration and fix if necessary to allow translations
    • Using DeepL for translations is helpful
    • Discuss where language switch should go
    • Maybe use language switch plugin
  • Video autoplay for gif replacements doesn’t work yet
    • Assign to Jon
  • Peter: Link from to Internezzo Neos Demo is very successful
    • Fabian: Would be cool to have a 48h quick demo
    • Having a button “turn demo into project” would be awesome
  • Sebastian: look for dates and locations for a marketing sprint
  • Sebastian: Added new news feed for package releases
    • Stefan: add xslt for view in browser
    • Sebastian: Add subscribe button

Social Media

  • Sebastian: Would like to mention new provider listings every week via the Neos twitter account
    • Fabian: Markus Günther prepares some script for himself which we might be able to use

Just so you know: I can help translate the website to German or to fix DeepL translations, if you’re interested.