Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2020-01-23

Participants: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.


All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Seb: Discuss: Add a page with longer technical testimonials from the team and community members
    • Fabian had the idea to also add CMS comparisons
    • We can start with collection questions and longer texts from Slack and discuss why one should use Neos and when they shouldn’t
    • Example for marketers landing page:
    • TODO everyone: collect texts about Neos benefits from Slack & Discuss
  • David: Solutions for Neos issues are now easier to find via search engines
  • Translation to German
    • A discussion in Slack came up whether we want to do it
      • Some were against it as they feared Neos could become too “German”
      • Some want it as a way to approach more people
      • More results for German speakers in search engines
    • We (Fabian, Stefan, Seb) still want to do it
      • We wouldn’t have proposed it without thinking about whether we could do it
      • We use tools to do most of the translation
      • Its also possible for people to supply other language content and we translate to English this way lowering the barrier for them
      • We want more languages in the future as soon as we have a native speaker who can verify the automatic translations
      • We only have a couple of new pages that we have to translate every few months
  • Stefan: We need our own Neos demo instance which we can use to show Neos capabilities
    • TechDivision could maybe provide some infrastructure
    • Fabian: Export feature for entered content
    • Seb: Could reuse some other template to have a bit more fancy demo
    • Seb: We could also export the matching composer.json to set up a distribution
    • Ask other agencies & people whether they could help
    • Ambitious goal: ready till Neos Con 2020


  • Seb: Discuss Marketing Budget proposal for 2020
    • Seb will prepare a Google doc with ideas and invite the others
    • Should include the website and possible other marketing activities
    • Not only for Seb but also others who help with the site or marketing activities
  • Seb: Was asked about our marketing roadmap for 2020
    • We internally already have a rough plan
    • Define the main points
    • Define goals and main issues
    • As a means to activate community to help with certain issues
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