Guild-marketing | Team Meeting | 2020-02-06

Participants: Sebastian H., Fabian

Missing: Stefan, David

All members: Fabian, Stefan, David, Sebastian H.

  • Fabian: Translation is slowly moving forward
  • Seb: Nice feedback to visual package releases feed
  • We will now have regular online meetings to kickstart new landing pages

Social Media

  • Motivate Neos community members to involve more
    • Ideas
      • Mention possible top three contributors to Neos/Flow
      • Mention cool new plugins with custom screenshots more often


  • Events
    • Interesting events
      • DMEXCO 2020
        • TYPO3 offered that we share a booth
        • Fabian would join
        • Would be a cool opportunity
        • Fabian asks how much the booth share would cost
      • Linuxtage 14-15.3.
        • Sandstorm will join CMS Garden booth
      • Meet Magento 29.6. & Neos Con 2020
        • Mutual stands
        • Mutual presentations
        • 25% discount on tickets
        • Distribution via newsletter, social media
        • Media Partner Listing
        • Listing via
      • Plone Days in Dresden
        • Talks from Sebastian K. and Fabian about React rewrite und “All others are BS”
      • We should write down events into a Google Sheet so everyone knows which events team members visit or which events are not covered yet
  • CMS Garden wants to create an overview page for events of all CMS, like
  • Contact more Neos agencies
    • Seb: Contacted some and got feedback they will sent in to submissions to service provider listing
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