Handle loading node in Neos pagetree

Hi everyone,

Could anyone tell me how many node (pages) that Neos can load or handle at PageTree? If the pages (page and other document nodetype) have more than 1000, is it suitable to use Neos to develop this kind of web site.


@nguonchhay We have project with more than 35’000 document nodes, the node tree can be slow sometimes, but search/filter work nicely. We need to improve the navigate component to be more flexible and performant than the current one, but 1’000 nodes it’s really OK :wink:

@dfeyer Thank for your sharing experience.

There is also a Setting TYPO3.Neos.userInterface.navigateComponent.nodeTree.loadingDepth wich defaults to 4. You can lower that setting to get an faster initial load for your tree. Depending on your tree structure