How can I remove a URI-path-segment?


I created a site-structure like this:

In addition I use the site-link “Hauptmenü” for to split the strucure for several menus. For this i use the site-url-path-segment as value for the start-point of my main-menu:

In the frontend NEOS renders this path, for the “Startseite”-site:

What must I do to have exactly that kind of “menu-helper-sites” not rendered in the URL?

Thank you in advance.

In my opinion there is no way to exclude a path segment.

But you can set “visibility” on your pages to “hide in menu”, put them on root level and insert shortcuts within the menu folder.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-21 um 13.19.09

You can remove parts from urls with the plugin by marking the parent page as “folder” and setting the “hide segment in url” property.

We didn’t put this into the core yet as it makes routing less reliable as multiple pages could then have the same url.
But the plugin works well in many projects I know. Editors just need to be careful.

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Here is another package that is kind of related…

let’s you override the full uri path on selected document types