How QueryFlow find() filter current document

I would like to check, if inside the current Document a property of the particular nodeType is set to “TRUE”.
It works with this quite well:

isTrue = ${(q(node).find('[instanceof Vendor.Site:NodeType][propertyName=true]').count()) > 0 ? TRUE : FALSE}		

But find() seams to look also through all SubPages of current page/document. So the result is TRUE although in current document the property is set to «FALSE».
Is it possible to limit to/filter the current TYPO3.Neos:Document, or is there a more
purposeful FlowQuery-function to use?

This flow query checks wether anywhere below the current document a document of type Vendor.Site:NodeType exists that has the propertyName = true.

If you want to check wether the current document is of type Vendor.Site:NodeType and has the property propertyName = true use this.

isTrue = ${(q(documentNode).is('[instanceof Vendor.Site:NodeType][propertyName=true]')

Thank you @martoro.
Is there a flowQuery-way to check inside the hole current document (but NOT anywhere below), if there is an Element from Type Vendor.Site:NodeType with proertyName = true?
Or is this not possible?

${q(document).children(’[instanceof Vendor.Site:NodeType][propertyName=true]’).is()}

If you want really want to check directly below the current node … notice that is will return true if a node was selected before

${q(document).children(‘main’).children(’[instanceof Vendor.Site:NodeType][propertyName=true]’).is()}

Add a .children('main'). if you want to check the nodes in the main content collection

and in the hole current page, like in demo-site the hole Home (documentNode)?
With all the subElements in main, column0, footer, and so on, but not the subPage «Features», «Shortcuts» and so on?

Should this work with .children(‘main’)?
In my installation it looks like the check include only the direct child of main ONLY. Do I have do change something, so FlowQuery is looking also in the children from the children’s children?

Try ${q(document).children('[instanceof TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection]').children('[instanceof Vendor.Site:NodeType][propertyName=true]').is()} that should return true if any collection on the current Document has a text with that property.

Thank you @martoro,
works fine and changed my use of flowQuery nesting.