How to activate LinkEditor/ckeditor5 in 4.1?

(Daniel Bischoff) #1

Hey there!

I made a fresh installation of Neos 4.1 and wanted to activate ckeditor5 in my new package.
I did this as described here (because i wasn’t sure if its already default :sweat_smile:)

What i see is the new Table-Editor and thats cool, but i cant edit links to give them a title and so on.


Did i miss something?

(Aske Ertmann) #2

Can confirm, have the same issue.

(Dmitri Pisarev) #3

Hi there!
First of all, additional link attributes are disabled by default, not to disrupt existing projects.
To enable them you should add this to your property definition:

    placeholder: i18n
    autoparagraph: true
      anchor: true
      title: true
      relNofollow: true
      targetBlank: true
      strong: true
      em: true
      u: true
      sub: true
      sup: true
      del: true
      p: true
      h1: true
      h2: true
      h3: true
      h4: true
      h5: true
      h6: true
      pre: true
      underline: true
      strikethrough: true
      removeFormat: true
      left: true
      right: true
      center: true
      justify: true
      table: true
      ol: true
      ul: true
      a: true

However, currently it’s not possible to use both old Aloha format definitions and the new format, the Aloha format would be discarded. But this behavior is now fixed in master, so since the next release (which should happen quite soon), you should be able to mix the old and the new config format again.
But even better than that, there’ll be an automated migration from the old format to the new one:

Anyways, sorry for the confusion, hope this post cleared it up a bit.