How to get access to content created in Neos via an API (REST/SOAP)?

For an application I am working on, I need to retrieve content that I have created in Neos. I am basically looking for an API (REST/SOAP) using which I can access the content created in Neos from an external application.
Additionally, I would also like to setup a mechanism by which I can be notified or can check if some content has changed since a particular timestamp.
I have had a look at
but this seems to provide very limited API support.
Can someone please guide me about the API support available in Neos?

There is an approach to access the CR via GraphQL (neither REST nor SOAP) that might be interesting to you.

I am not aware of other standard Rest-interfaces to the CR, however it is be quite easy to define an endpoint to expose the specific data you need. This is quite often. I personally would probably do it in pure fusion as long as it is readonly and with a controller based on \Neos\Flow\Mvc\Controller\RestController + some transfer-objects otherwise.

Thank you Martin for your response! I was hoping for better built-in REST support but will explore what we can get via the GraphQL package. The package documentation uses the term “experimental” so I am a bit unsure whether we can use it in a production scenario.

Unfortunately, it seems the GraphQL package only supports version 3.x of Neos and not the latest 4.x version

Should be easy to update, I’ll try to squeeze it in today

Unfortunately there’s a bit more work required, I won’t make it today.
The package is more of an experiment as stated - we plan to have a proper API at some point that can be consumed by 3rd parties too.
For higher level code I would probably go for a custom implementation though – if it’s just about getting some content, a simple JSON fusion renderer, as suggested by @martoro, could suffice?

@pkhurana or what kind of API are we talking about?