How to install packages on dev-master?

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a quick question: I am just trying to update to dev-master (for testing purposes); and doing that I figured out that many 3d party packages (e.g. or use dependencies to Neos like:

 "neos/neos": "^3.0 || ^4.0"

-> Thus, the package is not installable on dev-master.

How to proceed here?

  1. every external package should be patched to include || dev-master
  2. another option I don’t understand yet? :smiley:

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What about installing Neos and Flow as:

        "neos/neos-development-collection": "dev-master as 4.3.0",
        "neos/flow-development-collection": "dev-master as 5.3.0",

Hey Daniel,

true, that would be an option – though then packages which explicitely target dev-master would not be installable. So either we recommend against using dev-master - or we find a different way :slight_smile:

BTW - I don’t fully get the difference between @dev and dev-master yet… Seems I have a lot to learn about composer :upside_down_face:

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PS: I am having above problems from time to time; maybe it’s time to find a best practice there (or if it exists, document it somewhere :upside_down_face:)

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What @daniellienert suggested is the way to go. Packages that explicitly require dev-master are, well… suspicious. And rarely seen.

The difference between @dev and dev-master?

  • @dev` is a stability flag, saying “it’s ok to use a dev version of that package” - in whatever version, so it could be any branch. And it might resolve to a stable (or alpha, beta, rc) version instead.
  • dev-master says: “install the tip of the master branch”.