How to redeploy CSS changes within .scss files into NeosDemo.css

Im new to Neos and experiencing the demo site. Therefore I want to do some css changes.
As I understand most css for the website is deliverd with the file /neos/Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo/Resources/Public/Styles/NeosDemo.css. It seems that this file has been created using the .scss files in /neos/Packages/Sites/Neos.Demo/Resources/Private/Styles.
Is there a way (e.g. a flow command) to redeploy changes within …/Private/Styles into …/Public/Styles/NeosDemo.css?

I couldn’t find any information about this topic.

There is a package.json and grunt configuration in Resources/Private using those you should be able to use the original build process.

Hi Christian, htanks for the information.
As I didn’t work with grunt so far I first need to read some documentation to understand the infrastructure and functioning of it. But with your info I know which way to go!