Html-class or -id to modify parts of a particular website in backend with css

did someone know, how I can modify a particular page int the backend with css?
For the Frontend I add a class for each site with value out of the flowQuery:


So I can recognize and treat each one individually. Works great.

BUT: Now I have a site named «Adresse», filled with site-wide usable address-data. Not used in frontend directly. Only to store and use the data sidewide.
Unfortunately the menu, header and footer is overlay over those adressse-fields. I have to change the value for “min-height” in developer-Tools than I can click on the editable fields. Not really practicable for editors.

I would like to set display: none for header, menu and footer only for the website «Adresse» in Backend. I can’t find a site-individual class- or id-identifier in the sourceCode. The body-class «neos-backend» is not unique enough …

  • Maybe you know a builtIn typscript-solution to get the value «adresse» (maybe it is the controller) from the backend-url ?
  • Or do you know a solution to get the path «/adresse@user-martin.html» with flowQuery? From this, I could filter out the value «adresse» to use as class-name?

With my «property(‘title’)» there is also adding a class in backend, but it is the wrong one from the root-site «home».

Not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve. I would solve those things rather on the CSS side. Having an ID per page sounds bad.

The best usable id would be `````${‘node-’ documentNode.identifier}` , which is definitely unique per page.

You can also get the uriPathSegment if you need that…

Thank you for your help.
Sorry for probably unnecessarily complicated explanation.
I would like to do something like this:

.neos-backend.adresse #nav-main, neos-backend.adresse #footer {
    display: none;

With the uriPathSegement you mentioned [quote=“christianm, post:2, topic:1207”]
get the uriPathSegment if you need that
I guess, I would be able to achieve. Unfortunately I can’t find with Google some match on «neos cms uriPathSegment» or with «getUriPathSegment» or «FlowQuery» nore «TypoScript» in Docu. Only in ChangeLogs …
Sorry, could you gave me a hint/link to the FlowQuery/Typoscript Code/Docu. I also search in SourceCode. There are to many (214) matches to know, witch one would be the most helpful.

Wait, why would you even render the navigation on that page if you want to hide it…

To get the segment for the current page:


Hey @christianm,
you are soooo right!

A clean PageTemplate without unnecessary stuff for “ContentStockPage” «Adresse» is much more simple and purposeful -> and it rocks.
Also the ${q(documentNode).property('uriPathSegment')} I can use for other (cl)aims.

Thanks a lot. You’ve pushed another door wide open…