I can't access The Flow Welcome screen

When I accessed http://dev.tutorial.local, the following screen is displayed on the screen.

Hey, welcome to the Neos community.

What you see hints at that you don’t have PHP setup on your webserver. Therefore it only shows a listing of the files at the webroot instead of interpreting the index.php file. For example in apache you need to enable the php mod for your PHP version, something like sudo a2enmod php7 && sudo service apache2 reload

In order to give more concrete help, we’d need to have more information on which system you are running on and which web-server setup you chose.

Hope that helped already.

Thank you for your reply.

I ran the above command but I can’t access The Flow Welcome screen and the same as the previous image is displayed on the screen. There was no error message from executing the above command.
By the way, I use ubuntu in windows 10 and also use apache web server.

Okay, so just to make sure: What happens if you directly invoke http://dev.tutorial.local/index.php? If something shows, then it’s not the PHP interpreter not being used, but rather the URL rewriting not being in place (i.e. every URL being redirected to the index.php file so the Framework can bootstrap and handle the request depending on the URL path).

Can you share the httpd config you use for the dev.tutorial.local vhost? Also check if mod_rewrite is installed and enabled for your apache installation.

sudo a2enmod rewrite && sudo service apache2 restart could help in that case.

See https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/rewrite/ for more information on that module. If it’s installed and enabled the URL rewriting is normally activated automatically by Flow through the .htaccess file in the Web root folder.

I will try again.