IE11 Support for Neos UI

Does anybody of you use the Neos Backend with IE11? It looks like we are running into a Situation where we can either wrestle with IE11 or using another CMS all together (e.g. TYPO3). Nowadays we are using Neos primarily but we don’t want to run into a situation where we spend our already tight project budget fixing UI bugs in the backend. It seems the customer has no possibility to use any other browser than IE11. I know… that is a shame but it is a sad fact.

This article says that Neos has IE11 Support now, but it sounds like “not really”:

According tho this article we at least would have to downgrade CK Editor. Not sure what that means in terms of implications on the UI though.

Does anybody has some more information regarding this topic?

Hi, @windspeed7!
IE11 support is not an easy topic…

CKE5 integration now is more stable than CKE4, has less bugs, has better link editor and in general gets more attention. CKE4 support is still there and is not going anywhere any time soon, but will not be developed further and get new features.

There’s a good reasons why CKeditor guys have dropped support for IE11: it’s way slower, has quirky API so it costs a lot of money to fight it.
We are not able to drop IE11 support for Neos just yet because of clients like yours, but lets be frank, the experience that you’d get with it would be much worse, than with any modern browser: it’ll perform slower, you’ll be much more likely to run into a bug that nobody noticed before, as there are not so many people using it, etc.

So, give it a try yourself and see if you are satisfied with the experience. Perhaps you’ll be able to hold till the time your clients migrate to a more recent browser.

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Thanks for the honest answer… we will do that.

Thanks @dimaip for the such information.